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Traje Crysis

The Crisys Suit was developed by the Jovian Republic in order to enable their soldiers to remain competitive with transhuman synthetic-bodied nanomachine-filled monstrosities. How well it does this task is for the reader to determine.

It provides a base 12/12 armor. Upon detecting a sufficiently-hard impact, it injects painkillers into the user to negate up to two levels of wounds. It generates enough energy within itself to maintain one of four modes of operation. Switching modes is a simple mental action.

- Maximum Armor: The suit provides 18/18 armor.

- Maximum Speed: The wearer moves twice as quickly while running and freerunning.

- Maximum Stealth: This mode functions like a Chameleon Suit, and is not effective if any extra armor is worn on top.

- Maximum Strength: The wearer is given a +30% bonus to perform feats of strength, moves 50% faster when pushing off a surface for freefall, and does +15 damage on melee and throwing attacks. The effects of throwing an extremely-heavy object are usually instant death for most biomorph targets.

[Cost: Expensive]